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Thats Life Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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NO 27,  released 30/06/2022
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Next Issue: NO 28, Due:07/07/2022
With true life stories that will shock, amaze, and enthral you, That’s Life! magazine brings you slices of other people’s real live dramas, as well as providing help dealing with yours! If you need advice you can consult That’s Life! magazine’s psychic, write into Agony Aunt Sue, or just grab some helpful tips on saving money and sorting out your kids. That’s Life magazine has everything you need to get through your week without going spare!

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Sumo babies? Child boob-jobs? Read shocking revelations weekly as readers like you write in with their stories and bare their hearts every week. These true life stories will leave you shocked, touched or amazed, as you marvel at the crazy things that happen to ordinary people like you. What are your opinions? Is it right that a mother wants to buy her baby girl a boob job? She’s only 9! The world’s gone image crazy: get the latest news on people like you and what in the world they’re up to.

With great features to warm the cockles of your heart every week, That’s Life! magazine offers readers a Lifeline: helping them out of that rough patch with up to £1000 to get them back on their feet. Are you struggling at the moment? That lucky reader could be you.

Or are your kids driving you up the wall and you don’t know where to turn? You don’t need to go running to Supernanny: Mum’s World can help! With advice from people who have been there and seen it all, the parenting experts give you the guidance you need to get them back in line.

Maybe it’s another problem you’re facing. Write into That’s Life! magazine’s Agony Aunt, the lovely Sue, and she’ll do her best to sort you out. Also featuring money saving tips for the times when you need to tighten your belt, and a TV guide for slobbing out when the chores are all finally done, That’s Life! magazine has everything you need to get you through your week. Buy a single issue, or a subscription and never miss out on its entertainment and life inspiration.


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