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Countryside Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 22,  released 16/06/2022
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Features: Landscape, BBQ Recipes, British Cheese

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Next Issue: AUG 22, Due:14/07/2022
Published by the National Farmer’s Union, Countryside magazine contains some wonderful articles on how to get the most out of the British rural areas. Whether than be looking for a country house, developing your own smallholding or planning a visit to a beautiful area. A huge variety of subjects are covered including country shows, history, wildlife and crafts. This magazine is not just for yearning city dwellers, but also a potential handbook for those living in them fields, yonder.

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Why is it that the British countryside has a certain aura about it that we, or indeed other nations, don’t apply to other countries'? Surely England’s green and pleasant land isn’t that special?

Or is it? The population increase in our isle has obviously had a severe impact on the country folk - whether that be more funds being funnelled into cities or just the ever growing metropolies (correct spelling, because Wikipedia says so), eating away at the fields and hedgerows.

It is this that has lifted the shrinking meadow areas to nigh legendary status. That and all the wonderful traditions and goings on that are still prevalent if you know where to look. The very fact that it is under threat drives people to bring out such great magazines that scream about rural life for fear of being drowned out by the 8:45 into Paddington.

Read them, they really are an eye opener if you’ve spent your formative years in the smoke.


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