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Psychologies Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 24,  released 07/06/2024
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Features: Friendships, Caitlin Moran

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Next Issue: SUMMER, Due:05/07/2024
Psychologies magazine is the first women’s magazine that is concerned with what we’re really like and not just what we look like. Psychologies magazine’s primary aim is to bring you the advice and inspiration you need to help better understand your world and improve your life. You’ll find every issue offers interesting features which provide food for thought. If you are interested in the science behind why we act and the driving force behind our motives then this magazine will fascinate you. It is released every month and its mantra is quite aptly ‘know more, grow more’.

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If like us, you are interested in understanding our psychology and the reasons for our behaviour then you too will love this magazine. We think that women will enjoy reading this magazine, women are hailed as much better able to discuss emotions and feelings than men and with articles such as how to ‘be a happier couple’ and ‘make sense of your guilty pleasures’, there will be something interesting in this magazine to get your brain waves working.

There are also interesting problem pages which provide a refreshing alternative to the usual rather dull ‘how can I get the guy to notice me’ dilemmas that are seen in so many other mainstream fashion women’s magazines. These dilemmas are concerned with problems of the mind and show you how to deal with difficult emotions, such as ‘I feel threatened by a new woman at work’ and ‘how to overcome extreme shyness’. We get a sense that this magazine has a much more meaningful message behind it that encourages the readers to think less superficially and think instead about what is underneath.

We liked one article which was titled ‘How to get an extra hour in your day’. It opened our eyes as to how we spend our time. If you have ever felt like you haven’t got enough time in the day to do everything then articles like this will help you to revaluate your priorities. The advice given by the magazine will give readers ideas on how to make themselves happier and reveal issues that they probably didn’t realise was making them unhappy. We think that this magazine will really help you to feel happier in your own skin and also more importantly it will make you think about what is really important to you.


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