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Sports Illustrated Magazine

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Sports Illustrated Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAR 24,  released 22/03/2024
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Features: Novak Djokovic

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Next Issue: MAY 24, Due:23/04/2024

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Official magazine of the world-beating sports media franchise, Sports Illustrated has a readership in the millions for good reason. The US magazine covers the latest and greatest sports news, mostly American, but with a fiercely competitive coverage of international sporting events. A new issue is published monthly offering completely up to date coverage and measured commentary of the latest happenings in the sporting world on everything from football to golf, plus there will be four special issues and the Swimsuit Issue. Sports illustrated is the hub for professional sport, on occasion it lends some time to amateur events and up-and-coming stars, but the meat of it is a focus on the crowd drawing events and professional athletes that make sport such a thrill to participate in.

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In every country the world over, one thing is universal, sports is a cutthroat affair. Usually metaphorical, occasionally literal, this statement is an accurate description of how sports are such a universally loved and fought over affair. The form this takes naturally is affected by the national culture, the way we Brits tend to manifest our passion for sports tends to be a bit bloodier than most for instance, but for America it typically is a kind of brazen overconfidence that crosses that line into obnoxiousness to the outside observer.

This self-asserting passion is what drives the popularity of what is quite possibly the single greatest and most popular media magazine for sports in the world. Sports Illustrated, being released weekly, is the result of a continuous process of shedding of blood sweat and tears. Not only from those on the various pitches and courts that are the centrepiece of the action, but also from the fans and journalists that painstakingly record, cover and involve themselves in this exciting world. Sports Illustrated is a magazine for the sports fans, and its continuous success is a testament to its capability in this regard. Covering all manner of sports and athletes, issues of Sports Illustrated have been described as chapters in an ongoing sports bible for a reason that could not be made clearer for those who have ever picked up a copy.


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