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Fantastic Man Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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32,  released 23/10/2020
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Features: Riz Ahmed

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The self-proclaimed gentleman’s style journal, Fantastic Man magazine if perfect for the fellow with a little bit of style and class.

Written in a delightfully antiquated style reminiscent of Edwardian England – for example every Fantastic Man is referred to as Mr.) – this magazine really brings the best in men’s style and fashion. Every high-quality page just oozes class, and the topics covered in the sparse but well written include interviews with important gentlemen from all walks of life as well as insight into the life of a modern day gent. An excellent lifestyle magazine with an odd but refreshing twist. A very high quality magazine, this one.

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Men are a little demonised in our culture. Hear me out, I’m certainly not arguing for any inequality in gender, far from it, but simply suggesting that this has to work both ways. There’s a terrible amount of adverts out there on television that poke fun at men in a way that would never be permissible to a woman – the most obvious being an advert for some cleaning product which ends with the line ‘so easy, even a man could do it’. Seems harmless enough? Well, flip it on its head, and imagine, say, an advert for a car proclaiming that its handling was so good that ‘even a woman could drive it’. Do you see my point?

I don’t want to get too ranty here, so I shall leave it at that, and instead move on to Fantastic Man magazine. This really was a little unexpected, but certainly not unappreciated. Why shouldn’t men adopt the noble and honourable characteristics of a gentleman? Sure, historians may argue that this fine behaviour was exhibited only when it suited these ‘gentlemen’, but why not try to emulate the best parts of a lifestyle that espoused honour, respect, decency and chivalry? We certainly can’t think of a good reason not to subscribe to those ideals, so we shall take our lead from the fantastic men of Fantastic Man. ‘Mr’ NB

Buy the Fantastic Man current issue before 3 PM from the UK on a weekday - and it should be with you the next working day (that’s subject to our beloved postal services), only at Newsstand. Check out FM’s sister title, The Gentlewoman, another magazine getting rave reviews (in a suitably subdued manner, of course).


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