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Home Cinema Choice Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 23/11/2023
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Features: Barbie, Gift Guide, OLED Tv

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Next Issue: YB 24, Due:28/12/2023
Perfect for those who love their high-performance sound and vision when watching from the comfort of their sofas, Home Cinema Choice is a great guide to the world of home cinema.

Home Cinema Choice features all the latest news and development in technology, as well as excellent features on topics such as setting up home cinema systems for different budgets and interviews with filmmakers. This magazine features a comprehensive array of reviews of all the recently released kit – TVs, 3D TVs, speakers, subwoofers, surround sound, home cinema system all in ones and all the latest accessories. Also includes answers to technical questions, as well as a look at the latest Blu-rays, DVDs and videogames to enjoy with your system.

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We are fast approaching the point where it costs just as much to go to the cinema once to see a film as it does to buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. For anything over a couple of years old it is already common to pay less than the cost of a single cinema ticket. And you know what? The cinema has so many drawbacks that aside from the chance to see new films as they are released, it doesn’t really have all that much going for it.

Think about it. You queue up for ages, having gotten there early in order to make sure you get tickets. You pay through the nose for popcorn and drinks (or cunningly sneak them in, not that we’d recommend that to anyone) and sit down in slightly uncomfortable seats, after managing to unstick yourself from the floor. The film comes on, and everything is great, but all of a sudden you need to go to the loo. Or someone else does, and they attempt to get out, apologising profusely but distractingly. Afterwards, it’s raining outside and there are no buses, and you can’t afford the fare for a cab as you spent all your money in the cinema.

Or, you could get a DVD, a few friends, some reasonably priced snacks, a couple of beers and watch it in comfort at home on a cinema rivalling set up.

It’s not even a close-run thing. NB


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