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Linux Magazine Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NO 277,  released 03/11/2023
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Next Issue: NO 278, Due:08/12/2023
For those who know that the best Operating Systems are open-source and entirely free, Linux Magazine is the perfect publication for you.

Linux Magazine features the very latest news relating to Linux and its associated variants – Ubuntu, Kubuntu and more. It is definitely one for those confident in their tech, with features on hardware and software alike, and tons of tips and tricks and solutions for sysadmins and home users. It has a dedicated LinuxUser section full of guides to working with the OS, and coverage of the Linux community. This magazine often includes a DVD with the latest release versions of Linux and its variants.

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Linux is pretty niche. There, we said it. We’re not proud, but it had to be said. As much as we adore the concept of Linux and Ubuntu, with the emphasis on open-source and free tech being something we completely support, we can’t deny that it still remains very much a minority OS. It needs to exist, however, as without it we are doomed to a world completely dominated by Microsoft Windows, a bloated and slow OS that’s main draw is its ubiquity; it’s not that people like or love Windows, or even that it’s particularly good to use, it is incredibly popular simply because absolutely everybody uses it. Seriously, you would have to look hard to find a computer that doesn’t run Windows at home or in the office, and as such it is simply easier for everyone to pay-up and stick with what they know will work. A sad state of affairs if ever we saw one.

Well, Linux User – yes, you there – there is one area where Linux is completely and utterly dominant. You can feel smug in the knowledge that in the world of supercomputing it is the Linux Operating System that is the OS of choice. All of the world’s top ten supercomputers run Linux, and 90% of the top 500. If they can afford to create a supercomputer that is capable of 16 petaflops, then they probably aren’t simply being stingy and not wanting to pay out for Windows. NB


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