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Mac Format Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 14/11/2023
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Next Issue: MAR 24, Due:06/02/2024

In the latest issue: The best free apps for your Mac and 100 pages of Apple help and advice.

An informed, expert guide to all your Apple needs, Mac Format magazine covers absolutely everything Apple, making this the perfect magazine for any i-fan.

This long running monthly publication covers everything released by apple, from ipad to iphone, mac to macbook. Inside you’ll find all the latest Apple related news, pages and pages of clearly written expert advice to help you get the very best out of your mac and software, features on up-coming hardware and software, a comprehensive buying guide and in-depth reviews of hardware, software, games and of course apps – and who doesn’t love a good app?

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Whilst we of course take no sides in the war that seems to exist between apple users and PC fans, we are certain that there are areas where the Apple products are unmatched.

Firstly in style – there is no denying that the products dreamed up by Steve Jobs (and now Tim Cook) and their design and engineering teams far outstrip anything related to Microsoft. Whilst the very first Apple products were perhaps a little clunky looking, since the release of the world-changing iMac G3 in 1998 – a hugely long time ago in computing terms – Apple has been designing the most innovative, elegant and eyecatching products on the market.

Secondly, integration. When all the parts are manufactured in the same place, by the same company, you can be sure that they will all work well together. PC systems tend to be a little cobbled together in nature, meaning that you can never be sure that you’re getting the best out of them. With an Apple, you can be certain that everything is working with everything else, just as intended.

Finally, it is an incontrovertible fact that Apples are the best for designing and editing creative works. You’d be hard pressed to find a single designer, architect or graphic designer who doesn’t use an i-something. This was a very clever move by Apple as it allowed them to target a market who could afford the costs associated with their premium priced products. Cynical? Us? Never. NB


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