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FALL,  released 24/09/2019
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Features: Alicia Mccarthy, Robert Williams, Derrick Adams

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Exciting and inspirational look at the ever expanding world of art and culture. Juxtapoz magazine (great name and always a great front cover!) features up and coming artistic and cultural talent across the world with a particular focus on the US.

Describing itself as a ‘contemporary and underground art bible’, Juxtapoz showcases art in all of its forms, as well as youth culture. Inside this high-quality publication you will find some hugely impressive photography showing off the art and culture included at its best, and insightful and thought-provoking cultural commentary and interviews with the artists responsible for the challenging and emotion provoking works within. Perfect for anyone with a love of the new and the trendy. By the way, click on the cover to the left and scroll through all the recent issue magazine covers - don't mention it.

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We can’t help but have what Juxtapoz would no doubt term as treasonable thoughts about the art it features – can it truly be described as underground if it has an entire magazine devoted to it?

This is the inevitable Hipster’s Paradox. When you find something unknown to many other people you form an attachment to it, but at least part of this attachment is due to the very ‘unknownness’ of the thing. You want it to do well, but as soon as it does well and becomes recognised outside of the initial circle that found it, it loses its rarity value.

Essentially put – the rarer something is, the more you like it. The better something rare is, the more you like it. The more you like something that is rare, the more others will like it. The more others will like it, the less rare it will be. The less rare it is, the less you like it.

It’s a tough circle to avoid, but one way around it is to simply not care. Juxtapoz covers underground art of all shapes, forms and sizes, meaning that it doesn’t care about other’s opinions of the art within. The art exists, whether Juxtapoz covers it or not, and how many people like it or not has no effect on whether you should like it. Paradox resolved. NB


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