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Mojo Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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FEB 21,  released 15/12/2020
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Features: Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nancy Sinatra, John Lennon, Free CD

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Next Issue: MAR 21, Due:19/01/2021
A high-quality music magazine that focuses mainly on rock and pop, Mojo Magazine brings you both the new and the old of music.

Mojo Magazine covers a wide range of musical genres, but focuses nevertheless mostly on guitar and band-oriented sounds. Included within are revealing interviews with current and former bands and musicians, features on the lifestyle and lives of famous musicians, expert reviews of all the latest releases and live tours and great retrospectives on some of the musicians who shaped the world of music as it is today. Oh, and like all the best music mags it more often than not is accompanied by a free CD.

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Music and drugs go together like strawberries and cream. It may sound rather an odd line of reasoning to take in this most uptight of modern worlds in which we live, but without the de-stabilising effects of acid, cocaine and marijuana we might well not have some of the fantastic classics from the past and current music scene. Of course, a counter argument might be that without drugs we might have had a lot more classics – far too many wondrously talented musicians have been removed from the world by accidental overdoses and addictions.

We are, of course, not condoning the use of drugs – just say no, stay in school etc. Is there an integral connection between what a musician smokes and what music they create? We really don’t know the answer to this, but the wide range of excellent, psychedelic sounds of the sixties and seventies suggest that the drugs might have a mind freeing quality that works well with music – after all, the same was notoriously true of 19th century poets and opium. An important point from Uncle Newsstand to remember though, it would seem that the drugs are good for everyone else and not the one taking them….NB


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