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Field Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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FEB 21,  released 14/01/2021
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Features: Finland

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Next Issue: MAR 21, Due:11/02/2021
A high-class magazine that began publication in 1853 and slightly feels like it never left that time, The Field is an exquisite publication devoted to the pursuits and lifestyle of the classic country gentleman.

Whether you are going out fishing, shooting, cooking the resulting catch, playing polo or pottering about in a fine motor, The Field offers you information and advice on how to do so practically and in style. It covers the finer things in life – art and antiques, wine, motoring and excellent books, as well as including features dedicated to the pursuits of fishing and shooting and examples of fine British craftsmanship in these areas. The Field also has a property section, in case you fancy moving to a new estate.

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There are those out there who would disparage the work and life of the upper classes in Britain. Make no mistake about it, The Field magazine is firmly aimed at those who possess land, estates, a gun and gundog or five. Here at Newsstand however we reject any notion that because the upper classes exist in a state reminiscent of a bygone, probably never existing ‘Golden Age’ of Britain they should be minimised, limited and have the ancient traditions such as hunting completely forbidden.

The sport of hunting is quite often rather misunderstood. At the very least, proper hunting is. No true hunt should be aimed simply with the end result of killing an animal, it should firstly be a difficult undertaking, be arguably weighted more in the favour of the prey than the hunter, and result in a fine meal afterwards. Anyone who has ever chowed down at KFC can hardly complain about people who go out to hunt birds that have been given a good life in the wild.

The very fact that such fine gentry are an example of the history of this country means that wherever possible they should be preserved, kept as an example for all to see. ‘These are the morals and values that once made Britain great, we may not follow them now, but we can certainly learn from them’. NB


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