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New Internationalist Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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JAN-FEB,  released 17/12/2020
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Features: Finland, Industrial Farming, Biodiversity Emergency

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An intelligent and thought-provoking international current affairs magazine. New Internationalist magazine provides fascinating insight in a global context.

This well-written magazine contains international news and in-depth analysis of some of the most crucial and critical issues facing countries and people across the globe – this is not a magazine to shy away from asking the big questions. To provide an even wider view than just that there is also an argument section – designed to provoke a debate on a thorny issue – as well as coverage of the arts, profiles of countries and interviews with and features from some illustrious names.

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We like to consider ourselves ‘internationalist’ in outlook here at Newsstand. After all, it’s a very big world out there, and to take an insular limited view really puts a limited on your experiences. There is such a wealth of different cultures, landscapes, people and situations out there that to close the blinds and live in ignorance seems a very backwards step. There is, however, another important side to this, and it is one that anthropologists have been studying for years – is a global view of the world a good thing?

It’s vitally important to know about events in far flung countries in order to expand your knowledge, don’t get us wrong, but as communication and travel become ever easier, does the world become more homogenised, more the same, more bland? Culture is a wonderful thing, and exploring another culture is deeply rewarding, but what happens when one culture begins to grow, and supersede that of others. That is when we have a McDonalds in every country on the planet, replacing whatever local restaurant would have stood in its place. We like to know more about the world, but in doing so do we run the risk of over-exposing it and changing it? We don’t know the answers (if we did we probably wouldn’t be here writing this and would have set out to make things right), and we don’t know if the solution will be found in time. We only hope it will. NB


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