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Wargames Soldiers Strat Magazine

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Wargames Soldiers Strat Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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NO 119,  released 05/05/2022
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Next Issue: NO 120, Due:13/07/2022
Wargaming is a timeless hobby played out through the use of miniatures to re-enact historical battles or fictional scenarios. For those who aren’t into armies of elves and orcs clashing or the epics of space marines, Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is the perfect guide into historical and modern world battles.

Each issue offers scenario guides to play out and tips on creating appropriate model battlefields for more hand-on enthusiasts. In addition to step-by-step assistance to playing out slices of history, this magazine also offers reviews of the latest ready-made miniatures for wargaming fans who are less interested in the modelling side of things.

Covering all periods of history and carving out the most creative and fun examples of wargaming imaginable. Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy is a must-have for anyone wargamer looking to tackle history from the crusades to the age of warring states.

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History is awash with many glorious battles where the giants of the day struggle against one another so the victor could stand and be the one whose shoulders would offer support for those that would follow down the ages. The smell of metal-tinged sweat, the galloping of horses and the clash of metal against metal… who could not look back on these great exploits and not cringe with jealousy at not being there? Well… probably most of us. But for those who actually do wish they were at history’s threshold (and probably a lot of others that wish to witness history’s weave from a safer distance) we can be thankful for great publications in model wargames such as Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy.

From the most famous to the most obscure parts of history, this magazine covers the most fascinating battles right down to the muggiest urban brawls. Entertaining guides covering real world scenarios and fictional ones inspired by real world events and tips on painting and modelling make for enjoyable and useful reading for all players regardless of their level of interest in the modelling side. Each magazine focuses on a specific theme to allow full campaigns to be built. Wargamers will be spoilt with this amusing slice-of-history an can look forward to taking part in the most vivid and awe-inspiring clashes that moulded our times over countless years to what it is today. Includes the added bonus of no unnecessary horse galloping!


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