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Irelands Own Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 5952,  released 01/12/2023
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Features: Charlie McGettigan, Kid Charlie

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Next Issue: NO 5953, Due:08/12/2023
A friendly, warm and welcoming weekly magazine from the emerald isle, Ireland’s Own is full of interesting but uncontroversial content, making this a family friendly read that is perfect for a tea break.

Having been published for over 100 years, Ireland’s own is a magazine that has hit on a winning formula. Each issue features news and views from Ireland, and features on the history of the nation. There are sections devoted to the countryside, pets and advice, puzzles, Irish folklore and customs, memories of the past and original fiction, meaning that this unthreatening magazine is perfect for anyone interested in the lifestyle, history and culture of Ireland.

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When a magazine is into the 5,000th issue you can be pretty sure that it is a long running and successful publication. Ireland’s Own claims that it has been Ireland’s favourite magazine for over 100 years, and we can see why.

Some magazines try to be edgy and controversial. They might run an interview or an article looking at something not currently fashionable, or feature futuristic fashions and designs. They might court controversy in how they show people, resulting in many a trial in the case of the notorious Private Eye.

Others try to be cool, keeping themselves up to date with the latest fashions and trends, underground movements, newest music and looks. These magazines date quickly because they are so of their time.

Ireland’s Own is the complete opposite to these things. It has a wonderful timeless quality, being nice and vague with regards to what it features. You might find an article about an Irish singer from the 70s or something far more up to date, but there is no limit on what is featured. If it’s Irish, and Ireland is proud of it, it will find pride of place in Ireland’s Own. NB


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