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Evo Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 22,  released 11/05/2022
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Next Issue: JUL 22, Due:08/06/2022
Dedicated to immersing you in the thrilling and fast paced world of performance cars, Evo magazine is a pleasingly chunky and excellently executed publication about living life in the fast lane.

Each issue brings you all the latest news and developments from the likes of Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Subaru, Lotus, BMW and Mercedes, featuring glimpses of upcoming models. Evo also includes features examining both the current use and the history of famous cars, coverage of fast fleet cars, an comprehensive ‘knowledge’ database, and a huge range of incredibly thorough tests designed to put every car they get their hands on through its paces. This is all written in a friendly accessible style yet doesn’t shy away from including all the details, and when coupled with the simply stunning photography that makes this a great read for any lover of quick cars.

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No matter how much we might protest that we like our little cars, that we want to save the world by driving a hybrid or electric car, that we are not bothered by style and speed and care more about price, we all know that deep down we are lying.

Everyone wants to be screaming around a track in an incredibly fast yet elegantly stylish car, a beast that puts our horsepower in the 500+ category yet would draw many an admiring glance as you sauntered through town in it. We want to be driving the best, the fastest cars out there, putting our lives on the line and enjoying the absolute thrill of motoring, that split second where everything is just going perfectly. Normally that’s followed by a horrendous crash, so be thankful that Evo magazine is around for you to read whilst recovering in hospital.

For the vast majority of us we’re never going to be able to afford a supercar. We know, it’s pretty tragic, but reading a copy of Evo lets you experience a sense of the thrill that those who can afford them must experience. It is all about speed, style and performance, and delivers perfectly on all three accounts. NB


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