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Octane Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 22,  released 25/05/2022
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Next Issue: AUG 22, Due:22/06/2022
Vintage motoring that not only looks great but is still thrillingly fast. Octane Classic & Performance Cars is full of gloriously antiquated automobiles that would give any modern motor a run for their money in a race.

Octane magazine covers some of the classic marques in automobile history – from Jag to Morgan, Bugatti to McLaren, if it has that style of the past yet a focus on speed then it is in these pages. Alongside great features on some absolute classics – they really knew how to build them didn’t they? – there is news on the latest developments for those with the passion and interviews with some of the most eminent drivers of their day. Just to add a nice layer of practicality there is a market guide towards the back, detailing expected prices and conditions, as well as coverage of modern day cars designed with the classics in mind.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – old cars just look better than new cars.
A friend of ours used to buy an assortment of slightly classic older cars. Whilst the rest of us, whilst still in our youth, were throwing little Corsas or Golfs into the bends, he was trundling along in fine style in 20 year old Jags that looked the absolute business. The cars he bought cost about the same, were often laughably cheaper to insure and he must have had a mighty fine time driving them; at least when he wasn’t walking home anyway.

Octane takes a nicely differentiated stance on the world of classic motoring. After all, it’s a very big market place, there were just as many different types released on to the market back then as there are now. Through primarily examining classic performance cars it has a much more focused viewpoint than some of the mags out there, and is all the better for it. We would love to pick up a classic looking and driving car and roar down the streets, gathering admiring glances and overtaking plodding modern cars. We just hope that the brakes are still working after all these years. NB


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