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The Tablet Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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13/04/2024,  released 12/04/2024
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Next Issue: 20/04/2024, Due:19/04/2024
An informed and intelligent international Catholic weekly magazine since 1840, The Tablet is well worth a read regardless of your religious affiliations as a magazine full of fascinating coverage of religion.

The Tablet features interesting articles on religion world-wide, with a focus on Catholicism and subsequent perspective, but not limiting itself – covering social, political and economic issues from a religious standpoint as well. There are thought-proving comment and opinion columns, interesting takes on topical issues and a Parish Practice column. This magazine also reviews relevant books and arts and culture such as television, radio, music and theatre.

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“… And lo, did Moses descend from Mount Sinai, carrying with him a tablet featuring the Ten Commandments, and the crowd said “Ooh, is that the new iPad?” And Moses sighed…”

Inappropriate levity aside, The Tablet was named in 1840 and no doubt has annoyed a bunch of publishers wanting to create a magazine devoted to tablet computers – for that alone we like it. It offers an interesting perspective on world events with a particular focus on religion, and filtered through a catholic viewpoint. Regardless of this it really is worth a read whatever your religious denomination or even if you don’t believe in a God at all.

Religion is still a highly important factor in world events and politics, no matter how much people might like to think it isn’t. There is still no likelihood of America, for example, ever electing a President who isn’t religious. You discount religion from your world view at your peril – whatever your opinion on it, it is worth understanding and appreciating all the complexities and nuances of religious views and beliefs and how they affect the world. The Tablet does an excellent job of providing intelligent and insightful writing on what can be a contentious topic, we’re just not looking forward to the upcoming version where every page is carved into stone – the postage costs would be shocking. NB


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