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Good Homes Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 23,  released 11/05/2023
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Features: Summer Garden

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Next Issue: JUL 23, Due:08/06/2023
Good Homes Magazine is now even bigger and better than ever before. It has more decorating designs, brilliant house makeovers, and interesting pictures of real homes, interior-design tips, inspiring kitchen ideas and the latest bathroom must-have accessories and even more inside this great glossy home magazine.

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The interior design magazine market is certainly a crowded one, so we’d say that readers want good value for money and loads of ideas that can actually be done in practice that won’t cost an absolute fortune. If you want all of this and more then look no further than Good Homes magazine. We think this magazine is great because it is simple, to the point and simply shows the readers great home ideas with a plentiful collection of other people’s homes which provide brilliant ideas to pinch for yourself.

As well as advising readers on what new projects are available the magazine will also provide interesting ideas on how to revamp a tired looking piece of furniture by giving it a lick of paint or having it recovered. If you are looking for some more salvage ideas if your furniture is looking less than pristine then this magazine could hopefully save you some cash by giving great DIY tips. By simply revamping an old item as opposed to buying a whole new piece you can create something beautiful and completely unique. We think old furniture looks great and has a vintage vibe to it that can trump new shiny furniture any day.

No one wants their home to look like everyone elses do they? Sadly while the discount furniture shops are a godsend for many cash strapped interior design enthusiasts, the items will often be mass-produced and the chances are that your neighbour will end up with the same coffee table as you. With Good Homes magazine there are alternative ideas for the reader who wants their home to stand out from the crowd.


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