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Fast Company Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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FALL 2,  released 03/11/2023
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Features: Selena Gomez

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Fast Company magazine is a business and finance magazine that moves as fast as the business world itself, helping you keep up-to-date with the latest current product trends, the next big thing, and maybe even the next big thing after that. With interviews and analyses of some of the biggest bigwigs in the business world, such as the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, advertising mogul Alex Bogusky, Chinese wannabe mogul Yan Lang, and new articles and updates on every rising company and established brand every month.

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With its finger firmly on the pulse of Now, Fast Company magazine is the magazine equivalent of “live fast, die wealthy”, or better yet, “live fast, become aware of new medical advancements before anybody else does, snatch up the chance and don’t die at all, AND while you’re at it, buy the rights to the new live-forever company and make a fortune that will last you for the rest of your natural life. Which is now.. erm.. forever, actually.” Make sure you don’t miss this bid at immortality and subscribe to Fast Company for a monthly update on any progress made to this end, and, if that breakthrough doesn’t come along, at least you’ll know all about the latest i-phone apps, ethonomics (like economics, just ethically sound), and who’s next on the hit-list.

We don’t mean who’s next to be assassinated, for all its infinite strengths and foresightedness, Fast Company magazine isn’t (yet) psychic (maybe there’ll be an app for that in a few years?). No, we mean who is next to be a hit, or have a hit, with their project, company, idea or innovation.

Is your business nerve starting an office romance with your creativity gland? Do something! Fast Company cries. Do something! We cry. Pick up a single copy of Fast Company from Newsstand! Or take out a subscription of any length you desire, and stay up to date with the world of today!


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