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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAR 24,  released 21/02/2024
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The definitive guide to running and riding pretty much every model of classic European and Japanese motorbike, Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is perfect for the devotee of the classic steel beast.

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics is one of those wonderful magazines that makes our lives easier by covering exactly what the title says. Aimed at the restorers and riders of classic bikes (yes, no surprise), the magazine is essentially two complimentary sections. Firstly, there are great articles and features examining the history of different classics of every description. Secondly, there is an excellent workshop section full of useful and practical advice for those in the process of restoring the faded glory of an old bike. There are reviews of useful products, and guides to exactly what does what and why.

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The relationship between a motorcyclist and his bike is a far more powerful one than the typical relationship between a driver and their car. After all, when there is nothing surrounding you from the world, when you are mere inches away from the bare, hard ground, and you are never more than a slippery bit of road away from meeting it, you grow to rely upon your motorcycle. You get to know every little detail, every noise, every vibration of the mighty beast throbbing between your legs. Yes we really used that description, and yes I am starting to regret it.

Driving a car feels more distant; until the very worst happens the world is something to be casually observed at an arms length through your windows, as you sit comfortably in your leather seat, with the air conditioning set just right And maybe a bit of Terry Wogan on the radio to keep you company. Motorbiking is far more involved, more intense, more exciting. There’s a reason that there’s a common conception that when doctors desperately need an organ for transplant they pray for rain and a motorcycle rally. You may not get to work in one piece, but you’ll be glad to be alive if you do. NB


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