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NOV 19,  released 09/10/2019
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Features: The Walking Dead, Doctor Sleep, Batwoman, Terminator Dark Fate, The Addams Family

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Next Issue: DEC 19, Due:06/11/2019 £6.77 
‘The World’s Number One Sci-Fi Magazine’ is the proud claim of SFX, and you know what? We think that they are pretty much spot on with that.

This fantastic publication covers everything a sci-fi geek could ever need. It brings you the latest news and rumours about everything science fiction, whatever format that may take, and has a huge array of features looking at up-coming epics, from the like of Prometheus to the works of China Mieville. SFX also rates and reviews a huge range of recent releases from the cinemas, DVD and Blu-ray, books, comics, games and collectibles, and has a whole host of other features including upcoming conventions and coverage of classic sci-fi books.

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We would just like to say, we absolutely love SFX magazine, and frankly the space above for the description wasn’t quite enough to convey the magnificence of this marvellous magazine. It covers pretty much everything sci-fi out there, from upcoming films and books, to videogames, comics and loads more besides, as well as having some utterly intriguing features looking at sci-fi from both now and the past. Oh, and something else important to add into the mix – it is excellently designed and produced, and is written by a team who obviously have a huge amount of passion for everything Sci-fi. Quite simply this is required reading for anyone who has ever thought of themselves as a bit of a geek.

Except that’s wrong. Not the majority of what is written above but simple the last word. Sci-fi has grown incredibly mainstream, with the likes of Men in Black, the upcoming Prometheus and even the huge array of sci-fi flavoured superhero films that have recently been released all being wonderfully mainstream in appreciation. The term ‘geek’ as an insult should be no more. Everything that the sci-fi fan loves has become largely acceptable to the mainstream tastes of normal society, a great victory for those of us who like to imagine futures full of x-winged starships and paranoid androids, face hugging aliens or ships that for some reason decided to appoint William Shatner as their captain. NB


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