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MAY 20,  released 20/03/2020
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Features: Sketching, Animation, Video Tuition, SFX, Storyboarding

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The only magazine dedicated to Fantasy and Sci-fi digital art. Imagine FX is aimed towards today’s digital artist and provides tips on how to improve and edit your work. There are plenty of artist Q&As, artist profiles, workshops and how to’s, development sheet examples, reviews and numerous tricks of the trade, explaining in detail to readers how to manipulate images and perfect digital line art skills. Aside from this, readers get their fair share of gaming information and character factoids about our favourite comic book heroes and villains.

Imagine FX is a computing magazine, but will have high cross over with Science fiction Magazines.

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The extent to my knowledge of digital editing stops at Photoshop, which has served me extremely well over the last couple of years. I’ve had great fun stumbling around trying to figure out which button does what and how to employ certain lighting and colour effects. But have we as an era taking Photoshopping and editing our work too far? Not only has the digital era made it a lot easier to take a good photograph, but it has also made it easier to turn a bad one into art. In addition to this, the manic urge for magazines and graphic novels to edit people has sent the youth in society into a vicious circle of imperfection and low self confidence. The men and women photographed in fashion magazines or drawn in comics set impossibly high standards of perfection beyond reality and that has become a real problem in this day and age.

Don’t get me wrong – image manipulation is one of the most useful tools given to us as artists, but who set out the guidelines saying that all of us have to look a certain way? Why have we decided to try painfully hard to abolish any form of natural individuality? When editing my images I make a point of leaving in beauty marks, moles and birth marks because they are just as much a part of that person as anything else. I guess the real talent to be aimed for when digital editing is finding individual character and beauty in everybody you may draw or photograph.


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