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2000 Ad Wkly Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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NO 2265,  released 19/01/2022
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Next Issue: NO 2266, Due:26/01/2022
The critically acclaimed weekly sci-fi comic that has been notorious for launching Judge Dredd and helping the careers of the like of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, 2000 AD is a wonderfully British take on the world of comic heroes and sci-fi.

Each issue of this weekly mag features four or five serialised stories featuring the likes of Judge Dredd, Durham Red and Nikolai Dante. You will find fascinating, deep stories and great artwork, and it serves as a showcase for the very best British talent out there whilst retaining a very British sense of dark humour.

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2000 AD is edited by Tharg the Mighty, who could probably give Rebekah Brooks a run for her money as most sinister editor. This extra-terrestrial (apparently from Betelgeuse) has assembled over the years the work of some of the finest comic books talent anywhere.

Comic books in America during the 1990s went through a frankly rather poor period. There were huge amounts of confusion arising from muddled continuity, bizarre crossovers and convoluted storylines, and the only upcoming talent that threatened to overthrow the established comic status quo was from the like of Rob Liefeld, who focused on brainless heroes with a penchant for massive guns and even more massive muscles. Comic books were in a bad place, and the shining light of difference was to come from Britain.

The work of Alan Moore – creator of the legendary Watchmen series – and Neil Gaiman – author of The Sandman – was to offer a different take on comics, one that didn’t rely exclusively on outrageous muscles and over the top action. This isn’t to say that they were boring, merely that they offered a nuanced, more intelligent set of characters and settings, something always welcome. And, of course, it was at 2000 AD where they first achieved success. NB


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