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Discover Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAR-APR,  released 22/03/2024
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Features: Eclipse, Happiness, Vitamins

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Discover magazine is a science publication which brings new technologies to our attention, examines scientific and medical breakthroughs and explains and explores the world around us and the laws by which it is governed in a scientific way. Discover more about the world and learn about those on the forefront of technology: pushing back the boundaries of ignorance with every issue, this publication may be slim, but it will change and inform your perspective on everything. A great US magazine.

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In a few years phones, laptops, notepads, GPS systems will all be extinct. They will all be amalgamated into one slim, light, pocketable, affordable tool you can just use any time you need it. Oh wait, that’s already happened! The future is here, and we are living in an age where every day the discoveries of science make our lives easier, longer, and happier.

But progress has its cost too: the combustion engine may have revolutionised the way we travel and brought the whole world together, but the subsequent need for petroleum has killed or adversely affected billions, with war, pollution, and corruption.

Discover looks at the exciting innovations in science today and explains how these will improve our lives, but also, as in the case of oil or the atom bomb, talks about the responsibility we have to use any scientific breakthroughs for the betterment of our situation, rather than to detrimental effect.

Have you ever wondered exactly how bacteria adapt to come back and bite you in the sinuses when you thought you’d got better and stopped taking those antibiotics? That’s explained, and a host of other fascinating facts to enlighten you and challenge your preconceptions.

A subscription to Discover magazine will keep you up date for a full year, or however long you want to subscribe, on the latest gadgets, breakthroughs, and discoveries. Be the first to know about them with America’s Discover magazine.


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