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Maize Magazine

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3 issues per year.
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Current Issue

Issue 11,  released 11/01/2021
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Features: Technology, Humanities, Futures

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Next Issue: Issue 12, Due:06/01/2022
Technological acceleration is transforming our innate habits, leaving us euphoric, uncertain, and longing to understand the meaning of our existence. But even as we delve deeper into innovation, at our core we are humans who make sense of the future and our world by interacting with other Sapiens. Our aspirations and inventions can only exist if our inner world resonates with others.

maize is a triannual magazine powered by H-FARM, an international hub for innovation, education, and entrepreneurship, which explores futures, humanities, and technologies, from a philosophical point of view. The magazine is for those who are eager to discover new ways to develop foresight, be inspired, make informed decisions, and participate in the innovation process — all while staying human.

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The new issue of maize focuses on the topic of Doubt: from the apathy and aboulomania that has struck CEOs’ business decisions, to the moral, philosophical and scientific dilemmas that we are facing in this moment of pandemic.

Do we really have the chance to consciously choose in front of doubts and dilemmas? We’ve talked about this, and much more, with YSL CEO Francesca Bellettini, American serial entrepreneur Howard Tullman, Fashion Expert Pamela Golbin, Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Scientific writer Mick West, and Sociologist Christian Fuchs, among many others.


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