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Land Rover Monthly Magazine

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Land Rover Monthly Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

JAN 24,  released 06/12/2023
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Next Issue: FEB 24, Due:03/01/2024

In the latest issue: A look at the warrior spirit of the Defender 90 with an ex-special forces soldier, plus a bumper tech section full repair tips and advice.

Land Rover magazine is an absolute goldmine of information about Land Rovers and Defenders. Written by enthusiast for enthusiasts is certainly an accurate slogan, as the level of detail that has gone into every product page, every how to section and every technofile is at a level of perfection. In addition to this, read stories about land rovers all over the country and how they are still the number one car for off roaders everywhere. Learn how to fix her up and take a look at some of the favourite old classics still roaming the roads.

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I have to say, having been raised on a farm, I am a complete and utter fan of the good old Land Rover Defenders, especially the series 3 with a short wheelbase. It brings back a lot of memories of my five cousins and I bundling through the vast boot door into mud covered seats that faced each other and a few gun dogs wriggling around on the floor between us.

Honestly, I know very little about cars other than which ones are prettiest, but as previously mentioned, this Defender is pretty much unrivalled for off roading. Every summer my cousins and I would go camping way up on the South Downs in Wiltshire, and there are not many cars that could make their way up to the top of those hills with a load of kids, dogs, tents and food in the back. In fact I had my first driving lesson in a series 3 defender, when I was seven years old, sat on my Grandma’s knee doing the steering whilst she controlled to pedals and gears.

I like to think I was significantly better at my mother than this, who was in fact driving by herself at the age of eight and on one occasion, went careering into a rather large bush, which still grows down the road from the farmhouse even now, albeit at a very odd angle.


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