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Classic Racer Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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Current Issue

MAY-JUN,  released 18/04/2024
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Features: Carl Fogarty, Steve Baker, Darren Dixon

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Next Issue: JUL-AUG, Due:20/06/2024
Classic Racer Magazine is a great publication for features and news on the supremacy and glory of all things concerned with motorcycle sport. Classic racing just gets bigger and better each year in our opinion. The sport now even has its own official World Championship! This magazine is entirely dedicated to the cause of classic racers; readers can expect an in-depth and informative look at everything there is possibility to know about motor bike racing.

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We feel pretty certain that everyone has at one point in their lives imagined racing along the open road with the wind in their hair and the perfect motor bike to take them wherever they want to go. Some people will also probably be imagining a beautiful leather clad companion but we won’t go there!

Motor bikes have become extremely popular in the last few years, as we said there is now even a World Championship which celebrates everything to do with the machines. Readers can be sure to get the most up to date championship results and interviews with this magazine.

Apart from anything else they look really cool don’t they? We bet that every bike owner shakes their hair out of their helmet after each ride with a satisfied grin on their faces! The sport is brilliantly exciting to watch, the immense speeds and the dangerous elements involved with the high speed jumps all adds to the excitement of the sport.

Classic Racer magazine has a great deal of information on recent news and events so fans of the classic racers can never be left out of the loop. There are also stunning images featured in the magazine, which we think will delight any fan of the motor bikes. There will be the usual high speed shot of bikes whizzing past the camera as well as pictures of bikes from days gone by.


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