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Rail Express Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 22,  released 17/06/2022
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Features: Hornby

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Next Issue: AUG 22, Due:15/07/2022
The essential magazine for any UK based fan of trains and railways. Rail Express magazine brings you coverage of absolutely everything train related.

Not only does Rail Express bring you all the latest news from the rail industry, covering developments and changes in planning and policy and more, it also covers many more things relevant and interesting to the train lover. There is a large section devoted to modelling and modelling news, great in-depth features on some of the important issues facing trains today, and fascinating insights into the history of British railways. Whether you love overground, underground or rumbling free trains, you will love Rail Express.

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There’s nothing we have more admiration and appreciation for than the impressive dedication that passionate fans of trains and railways bring to their hobby. The sheer number of train magazines out there – of which Rail Express is perhaps the best – shows how strong a community there is out there, and we tip our hats to you.

We can’t help but feel, however, that having a passion for trains might have been more fun back in the days of steam locomotives. For some reason those machines seemed to possess soul, character and have more than a bit of romance about them. Modern trains are certainly more efficient, doubtless far more comfortable and probably even quicker, but they all seem rather alike to us. That is likely simply our inexperience showing however; we probably have never taken the time to appreciate all the small differences that make a train of Southern stock subtly dissimilar to some of SouthEastern sourcing (sorry, got carried away with the ‘s’s there).

Perhaps the best route to take is to love all trains, old and new, and Rail Express does a fantastic job of bringing you the best of both worlds; the past and the present together at last. NB


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