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Miniature Wargames Magazine

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Miniature Wargames Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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MAR 24,  released 08/02/2024
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Next Issue: APR 24, Due:08/03/2024
The world’s leading independent wargames magazine, Miniature Wargames is the essential read for any dedicated enthusiast of the hobby.

This long-running, high-quality magazine is packed with information, and is beautifully illustrated with excellent high-quality colour photography. Inside you’ll find the latest news for hobbyists, scenarios to try out for yourself, details of recent and upcoming and events and helpful guides and advice on painting and constructing models. This magazine is primarily aimed at those who like their wargaming realistic and historical, but there is a section devoted to sci-fi and fantasy wargaming included.

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There are many different reasons to enjoy the hobby of miniature wargaming. For example, the satisfaction of building and painting models yourself, the fun of battling other people, and for those who enjoy the fantasy and sci-fi aspect, deep and involving fictional worlds to explore. There’s also the pride of taking part in competitions and events, and showing off your tactical skills and modelling proficiency.

Here at Newsstand however, though we do appreciate all of those things, we believe that the main draw in recreating historical battles is to prove that we are better than those generals. That’s right, we love to take control of the losing side, marshal a group of broken and dispirited men (or models) and change the course of history. Napoleon? Bah, what did he know? Our skills and tactical nous obviously far exceed that of the little leader of the Grande Armee. We love risky strategies, taking chances that may well not work out, but might, just might result in a glorious victory.

It should come as no surprise to any seasoned wargamer out there (by that we mean experienced rather than flavoured with an array of spices and herbs) that, on the whole, generally speaking and so on, we lose. All the time. But hey, everyone loves a gracious loser. NB


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