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Soundings Magazine

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3 issues per year.
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84,  released 23/10/2023
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A tri-annual journal on left-wing political thinking and culture, nominally academic Soundings is accessible to activists, policy makers and practitioners. Serving as a forum for all those invested in left-wing politics to speak to each other as equals and devise ways to draw on new ideas to craft new policies for the future.

On offer is a comprehensive analysis in its articles on the state of politics on the left, critical thinking of the future of left-wing political movements and considerations on the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of central left and right wing policies.

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Soundings is a breath of fresh air in revitalising discussion in thinkers and activists who hold left-wing principles of egalitarianism and fairness near and dear to their heart. Within the pages of this publication lie well-researched articles either affirming or refuting the state of affairs in politics across the world and engaging on the trends that support or topple them. Countering ‘common sense’ assumptions in media and mainstream politics where needed, Soundings gets to the truth of the matter no matter how adverse it is with any predominant narrative at play.

Examining several topics per issue and devoting serious thought to the opportunities and obstacles to left-wing political objectives, this journal is a vibrant and enriching example of what socialist policies has to offer our political communities. Sharply critical of policies enacted under a banner of reacting to ‘rugged reality’, Soundings invites serious thought and careful consideration of the pitfalls of current and future political revolutions. For those despondent of mainstream politics, or for those who wish to revitalise their faith in the potential of the left to promote a better society for all rather than the few, this publication presents a stark look into the political realities of today and what can be done to improve them.


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