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Qp Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 100,  released 20/09/2023
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Features: Watches, Jewlery Designs, Watch Design

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Next Issue: NO 101, Due:08/12/2023
QP Magazine is a publication which dedicates itself to disproving the notion that there is nothing entirely new in horology to bear witness to. But surely this cannot be? A watch is a watch is it not? Hardly. This fine watch magazine covers all the exciting changes in watch design, functional and aesthetic both, for there is much that can be innovated in these tiny clusters of intricately connected gears and cogs. Reviewing all manners of lavishly decorated or finely tuned specimens, anyone with a moderately unhealthy fascination with our little timekeeping necessities will find QP an awesome read.

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For some people, the watch is a mundane but functional item, the people at QP magazine on the other hand have taken the watch to be the basis of an entire culture (this beginning sentence may or may not have been entirely paraphrased from a popular British comedy). From reviews of watches with an extremist functionality bent to stylish ones which have anything from intricately designed sail ships or birds carved into them, this title covers the many inspiring and intriguing watch designs that take the watch beyond its shallow stereotyped roots.

Excellent photography accompanies the magazines various pieces on watches and the many creative innovations that are being done on their workings. From watch makers, to watch enthusiasts to watch collectors, QP magazine has something on other for anyone in the know enough to appreciate horology. This affordable title houses expert advice from specialists and watch makers in a tightly bound tome that will continue to be a valuable tool to any reader with either an interest or passion in watches.


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