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Ethical Consumer Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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07,  released 31/05/2024
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Features: Fridges, Washing Machines, Laundry Detergent, Freezers

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The Ethical Consumer is an essential read for the ethical and green shopper, or any independent consumer. This magazine tries to investigate behind the glossy brand imagery of products in the media and bring you the truth behind how companies operate and which ones actually deserve your support and which ones really do not. Product reviews are always strong on ethics and eco friendly approaches.

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Ethical Consumer is a great magazine if you feel you should be voting with your wallet against bad practice by big businesses. We were pleased when we flicked through this magazine; finally there is something which gives control back to the consumers! With so many new products and gadgets being thrown into the retail industry constantly, it can be extremely tricky to know which new items are worth their hefty price tags. Many big businesses will often try to play on the consumer’s ignorance when trying to shift more merchandise. Confusing contracts and deals which aren’t actually such good value are often hard to navigate through if you don’t know that much about the industry.

There are also great features on which products are the best buys to go greener. There are regular lists of the biggest names in business with reports on how they match up to others in terms of their environmental reporting and eco-friendly status. Shockingly we read that Apple apparently refused to publish more information on their mobile phone eco rating in 2009 and it only started to clean up its act after Greenpeace protested with a ‘Green my Apple’ campaign.

What this magazine makes us realise is that we as consumers actually have a lot more control over businesses than we realise, by choosing to not buy products from certain companies we can make sure that the most eco friendly companies can get more recognition. We realise after reading the articles in Ethical Consumer that implementing more ethical policies is vitally important for huge successful companies. With such huge profit margins, these companies really should be able to do more to help the environment.


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