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Puzzler Sudoku Puzzle Collection Magazine

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Puzzler Sudoku Puzzle Collection Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 202,  released 05/06/2024
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Next Issue: NO 203, Due:26/06/2024
Quite simply an impressive compendium of a huge amount of Sudoku Puzzles, Sudoku Puzzle Collection is a monthly publication devoted to the Japanese number puzzle.

Each issue of this handily pocket sized puzzle book features over 200 Sudoku puzzles of increasing difficulty, making it perfect for those just starting out as well as experienced Sudo-pros. The answers are included at the back, and there is a competition puzzle each month offering you the chance to win £1000 for simply jotting down a few numbers – not bad for days work.

Buy a single copy of PUZZLER SUDOKU PUZZLE COLLECTION or a subscription of your desired length, delivered worldwide. Current issues sent same day up to 3pm! All magazines sent by 1st Class Mail UK & by Airmail worldwide (bar UK over 750g which may go 2nd Class).

Phew! There are a lot of Sudoku puzzle magazines out there – type the word Sudoku into our search bar and find out for yourself, you’ll see just what we mean by that. Sudoku is a huge phenomenon that exploded into the British consciousness not that long ago; we can still remember a time before Sudoku when there were only cross-words and other such puzzles in the back pages of newspapers. Sudoku works because it is so phenomenally simple – once you understand the rules, which can be easily explained to even a child, you can start straight away. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge aside from knowing the numbers from 1-9, unlike tricky crosswords that rely upon archaic and useless knowledge more often than not, there is a seemingly infinite amount of variations to print and the difficulty is easily controllable.

Even though Sudoku is fairly simple once you’ve got a system figured out for it, there is nothing quite as satisfying as solving a particular reticent example. Sudoku Puzzle Collection features so many different Sudokus (there is one on every single page, except for those featuring the answers) that you will be occupied and entertained for days with each issue – frankly if you manage to finish one full book in a month we’ll be rather impressed. NB


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