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Grocer Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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25,  released 22/06/2024
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A weekly mag covering everything in the world of grocery and food retail, The Grocer is an insightful and intelligent trade publication that will be essential to anyone in the industry.

Inside the Grocer you will find all the latest news about the different food brands and companies and everything in the world of food retail from corner shop to supermarket. There is also expert analysis covering market trends, prices and commodities, as well as comment and opinion. This magazine offers a highly insightful perspective into the world of grocery, and the potential returns are well worth the initial outlay.

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The Grocer is one of the world’s longest running publications, having been published weekly since 1862. That would make the issues published this year around the 7,800th edition, which frankly is rather more longevity than any magazine has the right to expect.

It must have been doing something right all these years to merit its continued existence, and it certainly has. The Grocer is an incredibly perceptive and insightful magazine, bringing you all the latest industry news but also intelligent analysis of what this will actually mean for those concerned. What this means is that anyone in the industry picking up a copy of The Grocer will get a huge amount out of it, from knowing what brands to stock to when to cut their losses and move on.

It is fascinating to get a glimpse into the complex trends and marketing issues that lie behind some of the most commonplace, everyday brands, and how complex the whole process of bringing a foodstuff to the shelves is. The one comment that everybody here at Newsstand made when flicking through The Grocer was that they were all for the bringing back of as many classic brands of sweets as possible – the news that highland toffee and wham bars are making a comeback was greeted with nostalgic cries of glee. NB


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