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Dapper Dan Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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29,  released 25/04/2024
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Fashion, style and musings on life and philosophy form the core of the delightfully different Dapper Dan, a well-produced and intelligently written publication from Greece aimed at the thoughtful modern-day gentlemen.

This is far from a simple fashion magazine, with sections devoted to essays, poems and interviews with artists alongside the fashion shoots. Unarguably high-brow, Dapper Dan is produced in black and white and is achingly hip and trendy, but marries that with being a substantial and interesting read. If you want to combine staying ahead of the curve in fashion and style with a thought provoking read, then Dapper Dan is perhaps perfect for you.

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We love magazines that don’t pander to the mainstream. Whilst there will always be a place for the GQs, Cosmopolitans and Hellos of this world, the likes of Dapper Dan decide to abandon the mainstream and swim against the flow. Featuring an unusual but welcome mix of fashion and philosophy, Dapper Dan could be a throwback to a 19th Century Gentleman’s publication – no, not what ‘Gentleman’s magazine might euphemistically stand for today – but a thoughtful, deliberate musing on the place one should occupy in the world, and how to look dashing doing so.

Dapper Dan’s manifesto (yes, they have a manifesto), states that they believe style derives from personality, rather than ephemeral trends. Not only is that an excellent philosophical musing, it is also a great excuse to use the next time your significant other gives you a withering ‘Are you really going out in that’ look. Just say “Clearly my style is a reflection of my personality, and I reject your trends and fleeting looks!” and you almost certainly won’t have your hat knocked from your head and be told that somehow it’s inappropriate to wear a dressing gown to a nightclub. NB


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