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Milk Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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76,  released 13/06/2022
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Milk gives us a collection of family based fashions and ideas, focusing mainly on children’s clothing but also including holiday destinations, new and innovative designs in both fashion and architecture, music suggestions and celebrity profiles. Milk English is that version of the French magazine. As for kids’ fashion, there is a glorious array of styles from boho chic to classic preppy tailoring. There are plenty of designer features, to help with everyday life with kids, from the best buggies to the coolest glasses, all aimed at creating the best look for each individual child.

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Fashion can be so much fun, so what better way to spend time than play dress up with your little ones! This doesn’t always have to mean Mum’s discarded high heels and Dad’s threadbare ties pair with the fairy wings and tiara from the dressing up box…but that sounds like a pretty wonderful play to start!

As I child I loved dressing up as all sorts of different characters, to name a few; The Lady who had afternoon tea daily at The Ritz, the ‘Army Soldier Fighter Princess’, the Wild Jungle Girl and of course, a favourite, Mummy. I, and many others, have spent hours sauntering or gallivanting about playing imaginary games for afternoons at a time alongside various dolls and teddies. The vast majority of children do, and then feel the need to grow out of such games and decide on their actual character. I like to think of child games of dress up and ‘playing imaginary’ to be a vital part of a child’s self discovery. It is in these made up worlds where one could get play safely and avoid judgement. Even if you absolutely insisted that you would only go to school if you could wear your Spiderman outfit, compromising only with a school jumper over the top, there is no one giving you a strange look. You are just a child playing dress up.


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