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Fishing News Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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30/11/2023,  released 29/11/2023
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Next Issue: 07/12/2023, Due:06/12/2023
Long-running fishing industry mag that has been the voice of the business since 1913, Fishing News is a newspaper style weekly that covers all the fishing relevant news.

Fishing News finds in its nets all the tasty morsels of news that affect the fishing industry, from details of policy changes and politics to quotas and more. It also includes comment and opinion, letters from the community, fishing news from Europe and coverage of fishing events and expos and trawl races. Fishing News also includes buyers guides, classified ads, public notices, nostalgia from the archives and the latest ports and prices.

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Every industry has different concerns, is interested in different things and needs to know certain things far more than others. The mainstream media is essentially useless for most trade and industry purposes, providing coverage that only skims over the top of important issues due to lack of space and lack of general interest.

What every sector needs is a good magazine like Fishing News, one that casts its net into the deep seas of fishing news and brings back stories with a real sense of depth. Yes, those terrible puns made us wince too. In all seriousness, Fishing News does exactly what a trade newspaper should – it covers everything of interest to fishermen in good depth, explains clearly what it will mean for them, lists all the important figures – the ports and prices, provides a space for industry specific advertising and community classified ads, and also a space for the fishing community to share their opinions and moments.

Fishing has been under a lot of pressure as an industry, as quotas, days-at-sea restrictions and cheap imports from overseas threaten a lot of livelihoods. Fishing is one of the oldest and proudest traditions of this island nation, and here at Newsstand we believe as a country we should be doing a lot more to support it. NB


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