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Searchlight Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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93,  released 13/05/2024
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Features: Margaret Thatcher

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International Searchlight is a monthly magazine from the UK which is entirely concerned with supporting and maintaining anti-racism and anti fascism principles and it is strongly opposed to political parties like the BNP and the EDL as well as other political movements which can discriminate against certain types of individuals. The magazine likes to produce interesting articles on UK politics as well as major stories regarding these politics from around the world. Searchlight magazine is very much concerned with the latest current affairs in the UK.

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This magazine is a very fascinating publication. If like us you are interested in politics and especially the movements of some of the more controversial parties we think you too will also find this magazine informative and insightful. It would be particularly interesting to those readers with a strong political awareness, who may have become dissatisfied with some of the extremely right-wing radical political parties and their influence on people in the UK.

Searchlight magazine has a very positive message in that it supports diversity and is completely against any form of fascism. The magazine will be split up into sections which take a look at different areas of the topic. Such as an in-depth look at the parties which go against the magazine’s strong anti-racism and discriminatory message as well as looking at the state of affairs in different countries all over the globe.

This magazine will probably shock you to a certain extent. It shocked us when we read about the policies and actions of some of the more extreme political parties in the UK. It does rather worryingly beg the question of who on earth voted for these parties in the first place? The magazine is basically an aid for the HOPE not Hate campaign which is a UK movement focussing on protesting against political parties and other movements that can be seen as racist or fascist in any way. Searchlight magazine describes how you can get involved if you feel particularly moved by the features as well as information on the movement and the rise of the political parties which they are opposed too.


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