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Renewal Magazine

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03,  released 22/09/2023
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Founded after Labour’s 1993 election loss, Renewal is a left-wing political magazine created to be an influential forum for debate among Labour’s party modernisers to work on revitalising the party after four successive electoral defeats. Serving with a clarion call for greater dialogue among the progressive left, this journal is a serious political piece that features contributions from front-line politicians and political thinkers who shape, or who will be shaping, public policy. Renewal is not a creature of the British Labour Party, having been increasingly critical during Tony Blair’s tenure, but a publication with a deep respect for the tradition of politics of the left that sees the value it has to offer society.

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It is easy to dismiss politicians as selfish creatures who will bend over backwards inserting a large object up someplace which is not gentlemanly to discuss (…this may be right). It may also be easy to suggest that politics is no longer something that serves the voters but rather the subject of entrenched interests (this… probably is right). But one cannot on really taking a hard look into politics argue against the notion that there are passionate people who care and seek to shape politics as a force for good. This is what Renewal offers, an honest and earnest look at left-wing politics which critically examines the benefits and pitfalls of various policies and seeks to chart a course for the lefts future political gains.

This title is a full on journal, there are no mealy-mouthed throw-ins for a tabloid media here, only frank and critical analysis of the issues. People may scoff at the perceived intellectualness of a journal that on appearance seems to cater to the political fortunes of the very people who have so transparently set this country of course. But this could not be further from the truth, Renewal is packed full of intriguing thoughts and an insightful look into the history and effects of politics in Britain. Arguing persuasively for a position for the Left at the heart of political life, Renewal does not simply seek a revitalisation of the careers of politician’s with a liking for red. But remains part of an impassioned ongoing debate about the future course of Britain.


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