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Mini Magazine Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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FEB 21,  released 31/12/2020
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The essential magazine for any Mini driver (no, not her), Mini Magazine contains everything any lover of this tiny yet powerful car could need.

Inside you’ll find full coverage of the Mini scene, from the latest news and letters from readers through to coverage of different events across the UK and beyond. There are great features on the history of this illustrious little motor, and of course all of this is illustrated with some beautifully shot photography. For those who like to get a little more hands-on with their Mini there is also a Mini Tech section, covering everything from new products such as engines and gearing through to customisation and restoration technique guides.

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We love the Mini here at Newsstand, but when we say that we are talking primarily about the old style Mini. The new Mini’s are fine cars, no doubt. They are expertly built, quite fun to drive (I learnt to drive in one, which rather shows my impudent youth a bit) and highly practical, but they’re not… well, they’re not proper Minis.

The old Mini was a classic because much of what it achieved it gained despite it’s size. Even though it was a tiny little thing it was still fast, fantastic fun to drive and something you could really throw into the corners. Plus it felt like you were going 100 hundred miles an hour, when in reality you were doing 50. More than that it was considerably cheaper than the modern Mini, and was an absolute icon of style. You could do pretty much anything in a Mini, and it didn’t surprise us that it was one of the best rallying cars around in its heyday.

Perhaps the best Mini tale we’ve personally heard, though, was the one related by an old guitarist we know who used to be in a band in the 70s and 80s. Short of money, but needing a vehicle to get to gigs, they bought a Mini, and managed to pack everything – guitars, guitar amps, 4 band members and a drumkit – into the Mini. They would then set off, bass drum strapped to the roof, to their next pub gig. NB


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