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Motor Trend Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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SPRING,  released 25/04/2024
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Next Issue: SUMMER, Due:23/07/2024
Motor Trend is the American car magazine, bringing you the best, biggest and most exciting automobiles on the market. With all the things you’d expect from a car magazine, Motor Trend features test results of cars, the best drives around, and reviews of new models, as well as your opinions on the most unattractive cars around. Pit a diesel against a hybrid and see the results, or let America’s Mustang take on the BMW M3 and see if it measures up. This magazine issues monthly.

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Men and cars go together like women and shoes. Every man, given the opportunity (that is to say: enough cash and a big enough garage) would be stocking up on motors like a kid hording pokemon cards. Collect the set, pit them against each other, outclass your friends. Talk about it in at school (work), in the playground (the bar at the club), and plan your next acquisition as you lay in bed.

Motor Trend is the magazine for men who can only dream, but it’s also the magazine for those of us lucky enough to be in that ideal situation.

Basically, if you’re a car enthusiast, with a bent for those brash America automobiles, you’ll love this magazine. It does include European cars and cars from other countries, but it’s proudest of its American made cars, and we love it. Motor Trend lives the American dream, if you happen to be dreaming of cars, but it’s not all about America.

There’s plenty here for the British car enthusiast as well: technical details, new technologies, exciting innovations in the world of automobiles. There’s car news, opinions and gossip, to keep you abreast of everything happening in the car world, so buy a single copy, or take out a subscription, to make sure that when you go dreaming, driving, and talking cars with your mates, you’ll never be left in the dust.


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