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Custom Car Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 24,  released 12/06/2024
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Next Issue: AUG 24, Due:04/07/2024
A great UK based mag devoted to American-style classic cars – hot-rods, drag races and the like – Custom Car offers perhaps the best coverage of the UK drag racing, hot-rodding and car customising scene.

Inside you’ll find plenty of tricked out cars, with features on numerous different stunning looking vehicles, including their history, how they were built and their owners. There are useful tech advice pages, coverage of upcoming events, a strong community section, and even the occasional British car makes it in too. A fascinating look at a very American past-time from a very British perspective.

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Though some British cars are featured within the pages of Custom Car, the magazine primarily concerns itself with American ones – Chevys, Fords, ’59 F Type Victors (okay, we’re not certain what those are) and so on. It seems there is a vibrant scene in the UK for these kind of cars – don’t forget though, these are far from the production models – everything is modified and customised until these cars are really one of a kind. We’re talking chrome, bright paintwork and supercharged engines, the kind of cars that would make ZZ Top nod in appreciation.

This got us thinking however – why is it that UK based cars have never achieved the same measure of ‘cool’ as the vintage styled US cars have? Perhaps it is simply down to the styling – during the 50’s and 60’s, America was a place where the people practically lived in the future – everything was designed as if it was secretly something that could go into space. Design was expansive and free. We also suspect this may have had something to do with the weather. When we think of classic American cars we often think of big slabs like the Plymouth Fury (what a name!), that seems to be practically stretching out to bask in the sun. Compare that to the Morris Minor (what a name!), a car that seems to be huddling over to keep warm. Now, that’s not exactly a fair comparison, but what is in this cruel and unforgiving world? NB


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