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Motocross Action Magazine

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JAN 20,  released 02/01/2020
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Features: Honda CRF450, MX 450

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Next Issue: FEB 20, Due:11/02/2020 £5.42 
The all action magazine that only stops to refuel, Motocross Action Magazine covers that most extreme and thrilling of ways to use a motorbike.

Motocross Action Magazine is packed full of content, often running to over 200 pages, each one filled with essential Motocross news, views and reviews. Inside you’ll find features on the latest bikes as the editorial team build ride and test them, as well as coverage of the racing scene, technical advice and interviews with some of the leading names in Motocross. There is a comprehensive product test section, looking at exhausts, cameras, fork skins, throttles and all the other gear a Moto-crosser needs.

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Motocross (and motorbikes in general) makes everybody who drives or races a car look like an absolute pansy. There is nothing that quite comes close to the visceral thrill of a rider wrenching his bike around a punishing dirt course, using every ounce of his strength to make that corner a fraction of a second quicker than the others.

Driving around in a car you are isolated from everything that is going on around you. You might hear the distant cheers of the crowd briefly for a second, but you are cocooned inside a nice metal shell, safe from the majority of potentially harmful things that might come your way. In motocross however, all that separates you from the crash and the hard unforgiving earth are your leathers and your ability.

Frankly, Motorcar racing is the tortoise and Motocross is the hare, something surely everyone can see. One is lean, quick and powerful, the other is cumbersome and slow. Stronger, perhaps, but taking an age to get up to speed. Let us not forget, outside of the world Aesop’s Fables, the Hare is always triumphant, and the Tortoise bound to come in a slow and ponderous second. NB


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