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Caravan Magazine Magazine

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Caravan Magazine Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

MAR 24,  released 07/02/2024
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Next Issue: APR 24, Due:06/03/2024

In the latest issue: Terrific tours for 2023, from stunning Snowdonia to Beautiful Brittany.

Caravan was Britain’s first magazine to dedicate itself entirely to caravanning. With a large list of great campsites, caravanning do’s and don’ts as well as reviews on new caravans themselves, this is a very useful publication. Also covers related topics such as insuring your wagon and local attractions to campsites. The magazine also has features from experts and casual campers alike - ensuring you will always pick up plenty of ideas from each issue.

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Let’s face facts, Caravanning gets a pretty bad press - and it’s not just the folks on Top Gear. I have often found myself tucked behind a Bailey Pegasus 11 (comfortable family van with all mod cons), on a French back road and felt like veering straight off into the nearest hedge just to escape the pain.

However, we all know, deep down, that chuntering around with your house attached brings nothing but pleasure to you - even if it annoys everyone else. Park up at will, have a doze and make some tea, then set off again with the knowledge that the only traffic jam in town is out of sight behind you…bliss.

We have a tortoise at Newsstand, and he pretty much underlines that having your house on your back is a very chilled out experience. Leroy is as calm an animal as you will ever see - and long may that continue, as we all know that generally tortoises meet a pretty sticky end.

Anyway, none of that is relevant to Caravan magazine, which really is as practical an offering as you would expect from the caravanning fraternity. Even a single copy in anticipation of the summer holidays will pay dividends.


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