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Practical Motorhome Magazine

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Practical Motorhome Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 21,  released 14/10/2021
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Next Issue: JAN 22, Due:12/11/2021
The comprehensive guide to owning and using a motorhome. Practical Motorhome magazine is probably the most important thing the motorhomer can take with them, after a spare wheel!

Practical Motorhome covers all aspects of the passion, beginning with an informative and interesting readers letters section that shows the strength of the community. Between the covers you’ll find guides to the best regions and sites to visit and stay at, as well as useful practical tips to living in your motorhome. There are extensive tests of the latest vehicles and kit – including an unrivalled ‘live-in’ test to rally give you the lowdown. There’s even a workshop section, and a guide to buying your motorhome, what more could you ask for?

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There’s something wonderfully English about the way we do motorhome-ing in this country. In America, for example, the motorhome is an absolutely huge beast, something that would be more recognisable to us tea-drinkers as a coach or lorry. Inside you would find every modern luxury; flatscreen TVs, gigantic double beds, a full stocked kitchen and enough space to play a game of tennis.

No, In Britain we prefer our motorhomes on the slightly smaller size. We know how to live without resorting to ludicrous success, and our motorhomes are all the better for it. British motorhomery involves setting off, preferably whilst it’s raining, to visit another rainy part of the country, all the while drinking copious amounts of tea and eating biscuits. Once we get there we’ll take one look outside, see that it’s still raining and settle in for a week in our nice and cosy home away from home.

Of course, on those rare days when the sun shining isn’t just a tea-deprivation induced hallucination, travelling the country in a motorhome is actually a rather marvellous way to see this wonderful country of ours. There’s a huge amount of flexibility, no need to rely on iffy B&Bs and a nice, cosy and comfortable atmosphere. NB


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