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N Photo Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 23/11/2023
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Features: Free Calendar, Mattias Klum

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Next Issue: FEB 24, Due:18/01/2024
A great high-quality expert magazine aimed exclusively at the users of the blatantly best brands of camera - Nikon. N Photo magazine is an independently produced publication, which lets you know how passionate the community is.

N Photo mag is filled with beautifully shot, striking images as well as simple yet detailed step by step guides to achieving photos just as good, whether from finding the perfecting spot to minimising distracting backgrounds. There are exhaustive tests and reviews of the latest Nikon gear from cameras to lens and pages of exquisitely shot beauty. Perfect for getting the very best out of your Nikon.

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A few years ago (actually a few more than we’d care to remember) there was a great uproar in the world of photography as the switch to digital took place. People up and down the country bemoaned the loss of their art, of all the little ways they knew to extract the best from their expensive cameras and equipment. There was a feeling somehow that photography was losing its way, losing its soul to the ever encroaching digital revolution. Photography would transition from an almost arcane methodology including chemicals and processes that cold only be completed in the dark to something that could be run on a computer.

Nowadays photography really has come on leaps and bounds. There are cameras available for every price range, and to suit every application. Photos taken on digital cameras have mega-pixel counts that reach up to ridiculous numbers, and show billions of colours. What photography lost was in fact some of the elitism that characterised it; now photography – we mean beyond holiday snaps level of course - is an accessible and enjoyable hobby that anyone can enjoy. What’s more, the way we experience photos has changed – we now take them with us wherever we go. So, thank you digital photography for democratising the hobby. NB


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