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Model Engineers Workshop Magazine

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Model Engineers Workshop Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NO 334,  released 17/11/2023
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The magazine for the engineer who measure’s everything in millimetres. Model Engineers’ Workshop is a practical hobby magazine for the home workshop machinist.

This highly informative mag is primarily aimed at experienced engineers, though it does include useful information for those starting out in the hobby. Every kind of tool and every piece of machinery that you might need, from spirit-levels to lathes and milling machines, is examined and reviewed in the pages of this long running and expert magazine. There are fascinating features of creations and modifications of machinery, and step by step guides to extracting the best from those you already possess.

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Without a good engineer the world would simply cease. There are dreamers out there who think up flights of fancy to create impossibly tall buildings, to connect transport links through mountains and across miles of inhospitable terrain. People think up vast rail networks that operate under cities, monumental cruise ships that move from port to port across the world. None of these would ever come to pass without the thoughtful and hard-working engineer.

Perhaps the greatest of them all was Isambard Kingdom Brunel, possessor of not only a fantastic name and excellent stovepipe hat but a wonderful ability as an engineer. It was his work that created the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge, that made possible the Great Western Railway and that built the SS Great Britain, then the largest ship ever created. Without this great man the country would be an undeniably poorer place, so though maybe not following in his footsteps in terms of size, the readers of Model Engineers Workshop are following a fine tradition. Engineering is an excellent, practical, involving and fun hobby (if a little costly), and once we’ve built ourselves a workshop you’ll more than likely find us in there, perhaps building a model of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. NB


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