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World At War Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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APR-MAY,  released 05/04/2024
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Next Issue: JUN-JUL, Due:31/05/2024
Endlessly intriguing bi-monthly American publication aimed at examining in detail the strategy and tactics of World War Two, World At War magazine offers a fascinating insight into a dangerous period of history.

Inside you’ll find day by day accounts of campaigns, illustrated with highly detailed diagrams and maps, as well as features on different aspects of the war such as the air forces, heavy armour divisions or commanders. There are features written by an array of contributors in the ‘Observation Post’ section examining places, battles, people and more, and coverage of the WW2 wargaming hobby with reviews of newly released games. A hugely interesting look at a period of history we would do well not to forget.

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World War Two currently occupies a position in history where it is close enough to be something remembered by some, and there is still plenty of historical documents and archived footage and the like, yet it is far away enough to be removed from our thoughts of daily life.

Distance is a hugely important thing when it comes to history; we can look back on the wars that took place hundreds of years ago with a certain amount of levity, joke about invading France, the Hundred Years war, 1066 and so on, but such an approach is unthinkable when it comes to more recent wars.

The Second World War was an undeniably horrific period of history – millions of people lost their lives, suffered injuries or lost a loved one. Yet it was a necessary act, the lesser of two evils, and the lessons from it should never be forgotten.

World At War takes the approach of detailing the Second World War from a very historical perspective, treating its subject matter with respect yet still remaining an interesting and entertaining read. It manages to almost perfectly locate the tone to take when approaching this not-so-distant time in our history. NB


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