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Wwii History Presents Magazine

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Wwii History Presents Magazine

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10 issues per year.
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OCT 23,  released 11/08/2023
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Features: Hitlers Daring

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Next Issue: FALL 23, Due:08/12/2023
Published in the US, Military Heritage is a bi-monthly magazine on historical battles with side-articles elaborating on the context of the conflict and history of the time. Drawing upon the expertise of professional academics and historians, this title explores the way that military conflict and culture has shaped not only empires, but the social fabric of the nations that waged the wars that have ceaselessly reshaped the course of the future. Its access not only to those at the front of research on piecing together historical accounts is matched only by its reach in first-hand testimony and eye-witness accounts.

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Getting a feel for the scope of history can be a demanding task; generally we gravitate towards feelings of the Second World War being a defining conflict of our times (and it as). Yet we also tend to box up our analysis of conflict, to rarely view them as the defining moments of both the past and present, instead commonly treating them as events which have minimal crucial impact on the wider scope of things. This rather blasé attitude to the critical role that armies and military culture have in re-moulding national and international orders shows a wilful disregard of one of the most vital areas of history imaginable.

Military Heritage magazine then is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy room that showcases our wide-spread ignorance of military history. Taking an in-depth look at history’s defining moments, and not confining itself to a standard review of specific battles, Military Heritage combines the expertise of various sources into a sweeping narrative that unveils the motives of those who start, continue and end wars. Alongside all this is a review section on recently published books relevant to the subject matter of the magazine and simulations.


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