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Stamp Collector Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 10/11/2023
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Features: Harry Potter, Germania Stamps

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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:08/12/2023
The perfect magazine for all the philatelists and numismatists (we had to look that one up) out there, Stamp & Coin Mart is aimed at those wishing to buy and/or sell.

Each issue brings you all the news from the world of stamp and coin collecting, including new issuings, updates from the society scene and reviews of related books, as well as features aimed at those just getting started with the hobbies. There are great features on the history of famous stamps and coins, details of upcoming fairs auctions and exhibitions, and of course some great market insight for those trying to find a bargain (and it often includes free stamps or coins!).

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Stamp & Coin Mart does a great job of covering the world of both philately and numismatics, and when you really think about it that makes a lot of sense – because they are essentially the same thing.

‘What! You must be mad!?’ we hear you cry (we have very good hearing), but wait a minute and let us explain. A stamp and a coin both essentially represent the same thing, a certain amount of money.

Back in the days before global market trading using computers, and before even world of paper money (as an aside, it is interesting to note that paper money was introduced because it was easy to forge coins, rather the other way around nowadays with the existence of printers) was in of itself worth the metals it was made up from. After a while however, as the purity of the metals was watered down they became more of a token – an acknowledgment of worth rather than the value itself. Of course this isn’t true for those who collect truly ancient coins, so they can just ignore everything being written – probably should have told you that at the start to save you the effort.

A stamp is an acknowledgment of worth just as a coin is – that the postal service will give you ‘x’ amount of money’s worth of postal service. So, moral of the story – money and stamps, happy together at last. NB


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